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Goal Description:
• This project is designing a bakery website, which named Laomo bakery. The website contains introduction the details of products by Laomo bakery (with photos, notes, recent activities and discounts), the products reservation functions and the customer information (identity customer’s information, favorite tastes, and their evaluation).
• The purpose of the website is providing a convenient way to ordering the products and promotes the website popular within the internet, community. All of the customers know about what is “Laomo” bakery and know what they can buy in there.

Triggering Problems/Opportunities:
• We need solve the problem that some types of bread are sole which can not satisfied the customer’s needs (They would like a great variety types of bread).
• We need let Laomo bakery popular (well-known) in this area because there are some other bakeries competitions in there.
• We have an opportunity to adding FLASH or fresh elements in the home page & sub-page to make the website so attractive.
• We have an efficient reservation functions that can make customers satisfied.

Supporting Objectives:
• Products reservation system can make customer’s reservation more convenient and fast.
• Customer registration can protect the customer’s information and make the transactions more efficient and safety.
• The content that includes text images can display all of the products, employment opportunity and work skills. All the customers or employee can read it.

Performance Measures and Targets:
• Supporting Objective: the reservation flow is convenient and fast (high efficiency).
• Performance Measure: Time to respond.
• Target: Due to the customer’s preferences.

• Supporting Objective: Recording customer’s information and provide safety platform.
• Performance Measure: Safety rates.
• Target: more than 99%.

• Supporting Objective: Display the details of Laomo bakery.
• Performance Measure: Extensive contents.
• Target: Almost full-scale products information, employment opportunity and work skills.

• Web page framework (Home Page, About Us, Cake, Other products, User center, Employment opportunity, Contact US).
• Registration.
• Reservation products.
• Products detail.

Assumptions and Constraints:.
• All milestones are achievable in the time selected.
• The designers are happy with the pages.
• The budget no more than 1000RMB.

• Recent activities and discounts about one mouth.
• Keep the order for cake one week; afterwards, it will be canceled.
• Hot products on the recent half-year.

• Activities and discounts that one mouth ago.
• Order for cake more than one week.
• Hot products that six mouth ago.

Related Projects:
• None.

Project Knowledge Repository:
• We use QQ group, The group number is 26309132
• Have phone call to connect each other.
• Email address :

Project Organization:
• Laomo bakery website:
• Executive Sponsor: wang jingjing
• Project Sponsor: yu xiaoxue
• Project Manager: qiao lu
• Project member: zhao yanmin
• Gao wei

Project Budget:
• 1000RMB is enough which including costs of living, deposit of meeting room and buy some Laomo bakery’s products.

Timeline/Major Milestones:
• First iteration :
Home page week 4
Registration and login logout week 5
Collection photographs and information week 6
• Second iteration:

Design framework of reservation pages week 7
A flowchart (processing) of order the cake: week 8 9
Include the user to choose cake: Size, Tastes, Pattern and Words (hints: “Happy birthday”) and also includes the amount of Cake tools (like candles, knives, forks and paper plates).

• Last iteration :
Head office address & Chain address. Week 10
Daily discount cake week 11.
Detail ingredients. Week 13
Complaints hotline.
Buyer’s comments.
The purchase records.

Prioritization of Constraints:
• 1st Priority reservation system 3 weeks no more than 300RMB
• 2nd Priority user database filed 3 weeks no more than 400RMB
• 3rd Priority detail of all thing 4 weeks no more than 300RMB

Initial Risks Assessment:
• Data stored online is erased or corrupted.
• Data Loss
• Multiple back-up locations used
• Illness to member
• Missed deadlines due to sickness or health problems
• Set smaller tasks and regular updates on status of work

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